Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Upper East Side

Went to a fine dining Filipino restaurant near San Miguel Malacanang for a dinner with high school barkada. Casa Roces, formerly a house which turned into this beautiful old style yet highly sophisticated and classic Filipino restaurant.

This is the cleopatra chair available on the 2nd floor. It comes with a mirror beside it, and facing two beautifully designed bathrooms.

This is the sitting area of one of the function rooms above. So classic high society.

This is the beautifully decorated bathroom I was talking about. Can't resist not taking a shot inside it!

Since the restaurant was a bit formal, I opted for a vintage/classy look with a lace halter top and lace mini skirt, with main hues of black and white. I put on a black belt to add more blacks to the almost all-white ensemble. And then, since I was going for a vintage classic look, why not use these amazing silver shoes with glass heels? Love the femme dainty feel of those! 

This is the lace halter top, with a brooch which gives a Victorian feel to the outfit.

And this is the lace mini skirt which matches the top perfectly.

I added some golds to the look to look more accented and defined. These gold cuff and ring adds the Grecian vibe or the goddess feel to my outfit, which adds more sophistication and class.

These are the ah-mazing silver shoes with glass heels. Got them a few years ago from Hong Kong and barely used them. When I prepared this outfit, I just knew that it is time to bring these babies out.

And this is the gang... JACKI!

My seat mate, Audrey.

Kim, me, Audrey, and Jin. (missing Christine)



Calliope lace top. Morgan skirt. Staccato heels. Glitterati belt.
Charles and Keith clutch. H&M ring.

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