Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Love is in the air. Have you ever been in love? One who is in love will surely be inspired like me to wear shades of pink, red, and all colors pertaining to L-O-V-E in an outfit. Romanticism is the key to dress daintily and lady-like. 

Feeling sweet and dainty today, I wore a cute floral dress in shades of pink, purple and navy blue. Anything vintage and floral brings out the lady in me.

Since I did not want to show too much skin on top, I wore this long sleeves polo top over it, tied and made it a cropped cover-up. It went well with the dress because of the dark pink shade.

I matched this vintage looking pink necklace to add a little more "cute" and "lady-like" to the outfit. It made it more formal also, which finished off the look quickly.

These photos were shot in one of the newest parks in BGC. I actually did not like the park that much because of its construction and raggedness, but it was a good place to take pictures that are either fun, quirky or sweet. :)

Forever21 floral dress, button-down, necklace, sandals.  


Monday, May 28, 2012

Dress Code

I went to attend a wedding with some friends on this day. Since the dress code was formal, I went for something that is respectable, decent, and properly dressed for the affair.

When attending an event lcalls for dressing up, I usually dress and use colors accordingly. I go for white, nude, gold, brown, or other neutral/earth colors when attending weddings. I would not use bright colors, or neons, or other solid dark shades because I do not intent to stand out in the crowd and get all the attention from the guests. The marrying couple, especially the bride, should be the apple of the eye.

I fell in love with this gold lace dress I found in Hong Kong. It is from my favorite shop in Kennedy Town, called Momo House. According to the owner, this dress is especially imported from Korea. The shop only imports one stock per kind of clothing, which means that only one can wear one design. Who demanded for exclusivity?

I went for this dress because it gives coverage to the upper side of my body, yet still gives sexiness because of its short hemline. I super love the hemline! I love the geometric ends of the dress from the sleeves and the hemline, because that design exudes fun, up-to-date fashion sense, and elegance.

I paired this dress with a gold studded clutch, which I think matches with the outfit perfectly. Although the dress and the clutch have different textures and shapes, they somehow contrast and match the outfit at the same time.

I used gold and crystal accessories to complement my look.

Super love these shoes from Stella Luna because they obviously match the gold studded bag, and at the same time are very comfortable! I stood and walked in these from 3 PM to 10 PM and did not even feel a bit of plain. Even the edges of the shoes are smooth. Plus, the "sexy back" that the shoes give is a plus!

Momo House gold lace dress. Forever21 necklace. Aldo earrings and cuff. ZARA bag, head piece. Stella Luna wedges.

What do you think? :)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Enchanted Forest

When the weather is so sunny, and the heat is just plain strong, what you have to do is to cooperate, yet still survive under the blazing ball of fire. Instead of complaining about the strong skin-harming rays of the sun, I decided to embrace them and put them to good use.

I used the sunshine to create good lighting in my photographs. One important tip in snapping a photo like this is that the sun should shine on the face and other parts of the body that you want to accentuate.

This mint green mullet skirt could never go wrong on a weather like this. It's light, airy and also does not expose too much of my skin to the harmful rays of the sun. 

Corset tops are so in right now. This one is a figure-forming floral dress from ZARA, which was used as a top in this outfit.

I decided to match this baby pink feather necklace to add some magic to my outfit, and this H&M white and gold neckpiece (used as bracelet) to complement the color scheme.

ZARA corset floral dress (used as top). ZARA mint green mullet skirt. Pull n Bear wedges. LoveEyeCandy feather necklace. H&M white and gold neckpiece.

What's your weather-proof outfit this summer season? xoxo.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Disposition

Who said fall winter trends can't be matched with spring summer ones? Well I certainly do not believe that. With the right texture, matching, and a keen sense of sight and taste, one can put "mix" and "match" together without having it mismatched. Here's what I came up with:

While brushing through the rack and pile of clothes in my wardrobe, I got bored of the usual spring summer trends like pastels, sheer pieces, and etc. Instead, I saw this floral dress which is perfect for the weather, yet I did not want to wear it out today because the top part of the dress was too revealing for me. I saw this knit top and suddenly thought, "Why not?"

I used a slim brown belt to add shape to my outfit, and this vintage-looking brown ring to maintain the theme.

I love this dress because of its sweet laced hemline. Even though it had a revealing top, I bought it because of this cute part.

Forever 21 knit long sleeve top. ZARA floral dress. RUBI brown slim belt. Forever 21 brown ring. H&M wedges.

Dare to mix trends of different seasons? xoxo.

Monday, May 14, 2012

West Coast

Missing the west coast... California... Hawaii... LA... Feeling a beach bum lately, I wore this to finish my marathon of beach outfits.

Since it's a little breezy and rainy these days, I added a maxi cover-up for a windy dramatic effect to the look.

It's not my first time to have a bandeau bikini top, but I really loved the texture and the gold details of this one. The gold zipper made it stylish and sophisticated.

I paired gold accents to the outfit.

This is the sheer maxi cover-up. It brightens up any beach outfit and makes one noticeable under the strong rays of the sun. It gives the fun fresh fierce summer vibe, as Katy Perry would say in her song "California Girls".

H&M white bandeau top. H&M maxi cover-up. Havainas white slippers.
Photos by Alexandra Juan.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Far East Moment

I woke up this morning with no outfit plans. That's unlike me, because I usually plan my outfits ahead, even a week ahead to lessen my preparation time every morning especially during weekdays. For today, I decided to lie low from heels, skirts, or anything that is too dressy, and be more corporate and presentable, yet still sophisticated and represents my style personality. I came up with this styling moment:

I threw on any piece of clothing that I saw first in my closet, and it happened to be this lace top. I got so bored with this top and thought of matching it with fun floral pants. This outfit is inspired by Asian/ Korean looks, because of the sequined top and the layering of the sheer polo and the lace top; while the pastels and florals label the outfit as one of Spring's.

I matched this gold and white necklace to add more sophistication to the look, together with the gold cuff.

The back details of the cream top. I love how the sheer polo top compliments and tones down the lace back of the top.

A nice shot of this DIY tie-up floral sandals, which is perfect for this very hot weather.

F21 lace top. Guang Zhou sheer polo top. ZARA floral pants. H&M necklace. Accessorize gold cuff. Morgan sandals.

What do you think? xoxo.


Friday, May 04, 2012

Island Girl

California... Too many TV series I have watched that were set in California. The OC, 90210, and many more. Even Coachella is set in California every year. I have been to California a couple of years back then. I went to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which I believe are the key cities to visit there. I enjoyed Los Angeles the most maybe because I'm more that kind of girl. (city girl) For today, I based my outfit on what a typical California girl would wear, specifically channeling Shanae Grimes' wardrobe in 90210.

Inspired by California. Here's what I could think of...

I named this look "Island Girl" because I felt like I was going to a resort, or to a beach, or anything like vacation. I felt like a tourist, or even a foreigner in this land. (More like Korean... hehehe)

Perfect for summer, this sheer polo top was used as a tie-up to add more coverage to my spaghetti strap high-low dress. The texture of the top makes it suitable to be an add-on for any outfit.

I matched this orange bronze necklace to add the "island" feel to the outfit. It gave me a more ragged look, perfect for a simple and casual outfit.

After traveling California a few years ago, I could not leave LA back then and even dreamt of studying there. LA is just lllooooooovvvvveeeeeeee. The city, the buzz, and the laidback locals against the modern environment made it hard for me to say good bye to Los Angeles. How about you, have you dreamt of being a California Girl too? xoxo.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Runway Royalty. That is what I mean by the title of this look. I recently got my hands on this beautiful Marni x H&M textured shorts and I could not wait to use it in one of my looks.

Produced an edgy outfit because of the color palette. I put on a neutral colored textured top to pair with the shorts to lessen its "night" feel. I paired black and silver accessories to emphasize the mood of the shorts.

I love this H&M neckpiece. It gives a tribal yet edgy vibe.

And this is the pair of AMAZING Marni x H&M shorts.

I wore comfy silver flats to finish off my outfit because I had to run errands that day.

ZARA top. Marni x H&M shorts. The Ramp flats. C&A sunnies. H&M necklace. Forever21 ring and cuff.