Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boracay 2012

Since the start of March, I have been traveling to different places like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Boracay. (and Hong Kong again next week! haha lucky me!) Yes, I immediately became a jetsetter after my graduation this year and I am still enjoying these free months before I start on deciding my career path. Of course, the first thing I think about when traveling is shopping to revamp my closet with new spring summer things. I love how I put the bright, printed and light-aired ones in front of my wardrobe, and push everything else that are dark, textured and heavy at the back.

I declared April to be my Eat, Pray and Love month. Just last week, I went with some friends to Boracay.

DAY 1:

The original plan was to go with Kim, Kaye and Alex, but unfortunately, my best friend was caught up at work and her mom replaced her! We had to meet at the airport at 4am because we got an early flight. It's crazy at the airport! So many people on the first flight!

For my first day outfit, I went for a boho beach look. I put on this crochet top, a pair of hot bikini, denim shorts, and a fringe bag to top off my look. It was so hot under the Boracay sun that we had to lie down and rest for a few hours until the sun tamed down a bit.

Nothing But H20 reversible bikini. ZARA crochet top. ZARA denim shorts. C&A sunnies. C&A fringe bag.
Photos by Karen Mirano.

DAY 2:


For my second day outfit, I went for a green backless top, red bikini, and denim shorts. Forgot to take a picture of the backless top! Sayang... I love it because the top is perfect for beach wear, and stylish at the same time.

We went island hopping on our second day, but the waves were too strong that we did not get a chance to snorkel. Instead, we went swimming for a long time in one of the beach stops.

 And of course, ibang outfit at night. I used black lace shorts to pair with my red bikini for extra oomph.

Warehouse green backless top. Mango denim shorts. ZARA lace shorts. Sea Folly red bikini.
Photos by Karen Mirano.

And this is the crew having dinner at Mesa :)

Ciao! 'Til my next travel post! :)

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