Friday, April 20, 2012

Life's Peachy

Hello Summer 2012!!! I love summer! I immediately think of going to the beach, the sun, sand, and the sea. And of course, it's also the time to bring out my best summer dresses and be cute and bright while the sun shines. If only summer could be every day of the year, only season of the year, I would fill my wardrobe with bright colors, neons, and sheer. Here is one of the outfits I would definitely be seen during those hot summer days:

I am addicted to orange or near-orange shades right now because it is perfect for spring summer. I saw this cute floral top and next to it was this orange high-waisted shorts. Perfect match!

Then I threw on my pair of green wedges, and another orange-shaded sling bag, and I'm off.

I kept the accessories minimal since it was really hot out there and I did not want to end up with sweaty or sticky arms. I saw these orange and green bangles last month in the SuperSale Bazaar. The heart-shaped ring added a little funky and fun vibe to the ensemble.

Lily floral top. Lily high-waisted shorts. Me&City sling bag. ZARA wedges. H&M pearl earrings.

Photos by Michael Hung.

How about you? What would your best summer outfits be? xoxo

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