Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disneyland Hong Kong 2012

I recently joined a study tour (study ba talaga?) to Hong Kong under the alumni association of my mom. Lollipop, cotton candy, and roller coaster, anyone? :D

Of course when I got the chance, I immediately grabbed a photo op with Mickey and Minnie before entering the so-called fantasy land. I decided to wear shorts that day because of the extremely hot weather in Hong Kong. Almost the same as in the Philippines, only not too humid. I wore a recent trend, which is the crochet top, then matched it with maroon shorts. The velvet texture of the maroon shorts balanced the rural and laid-back style of the crochet top. I paired bronze-gold accessories and glitter sandals to add some "me" character in my outfit. I call this outfit "Pocahontas meets Disney" because the crochet top gives me the feel of Pocahontas, and the shorts give me impression of beautiful Disney princesses.

This is my ticket to fantasy land.

What else would be the perfect background to represent Disneyland other than this beautiful palace, which is the main attraction of the theme park? 

RC Racer. This was the main activity of our group during our stay. This roller coaster goes back and forth at a high speed, just like Anchor's Away in Enchanted Kingdom, only scarier and more exciting.

We sat on the last row... Yikes!

Still in my character after the ride.

I felt like Katy Perry with this yummy cotton candy! (obviously, I was still in my fantasy land...)

And lastly, this was my group inside Disneyland. 
(L-R) Kristina, Shannon, me, Kimberly, Kyle, Denise, Frenz, Franz, Margaret, Auntie Min Ngo, Jimson, Fritz, Louie

ZARA crochet top. H&M shorts. Miss Selfridge sunnies. ZARA sandals. H&M gold cuff. Accessorize gold bangle. Louis Vuitton bag.

Photos by Kristina Jenny Ang & Earl Dy.

So, what fantasies do you have when going to a theme park like Disneyland? xoxo.