Monday, May 14, 2012

West Coast

Missing the west coast... California... Hawaii... LA... Feeling a beach bum lately, I wore this to finish my marathon of beach outfits.

Since it's a little breezy and rainy these days, I added a maxi cover-up for a windy dramatic effect to the look.

It's not my first time to have a bandeau bikini top, but I really loved the texture and the gold details of this one. The gold zipper made it stylish and sophisticated.

I paired gold accents to the outfit.

This is the sheer maxi cover-up. It brightens up any beach outfit and makes one noticeable under the strong rays of the sun. It gives the fun fresh fierce summer vibe, as Katy Perry would say in her song "California Girls".

H&M white bandeau top. H&M maxi cover-up. Havainas white slippers.
Photos by Alexandra Juan.


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