Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Love is in the air. Have you ever been in love? One who is in love will surely be inspired like me to wear shades of pink, red, and all colors pertaining to L-O-V-E in an outfit. Romanticism is the key to dress daintily and lady-like. 

Feeling sweet and dainty today, I wore a cute floral dress in shades of pink, purple and navy blue. Anything vintage and floral brings out the lady in me.

Since I did not want to show too much skin on top, I wore this long sleeves polo top over it, tied and made it a cropped cover-up. It went well with the dress because of the dark pink shade.

I matched this vintage looking pink necklace to add a little more "cute" and "lady-like" to the outfit. It made it more formal also, which finished off the look quickly.

These photos were shot in one of the newest parks in BGC. I actually did not like the park that much because of its construction and raggedness, but it was a good place to take pictures that are either fun, quirky or sweet. :)

Forever21 floral dress, button-down, necklace, sandals.  


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