Friday, May 04, 2012

Island Girl

California... Too many TV series I have watched that were set in California. The OC, 90210, and many more. Even Coachella is set in California every year. I have been to California a couple of years back then. I went to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, which I believe are the key cities to visit there. I enjoyed Los Angeles the most maybe because I'm more that kind of girl. (city girl) For today, I based my outfit on what a typical California girl would wear, specifically channeling Shanae Grimes' wardrobe in 90210.

Inspired by California. Here's what I could think of...

I named this look "Island Girl" because I felt like I was going to a resort, or to a beach, or anything like vacation. I felt like a tourist, or even a foreigner in this land. (More like Korean... hehehe)

Perfect for summer, this sheer polo top was used as a tie-up to add more coverage to my spaghetti strap high-low dress. The texture of the top makes it suitable to be an add-on for any outfit.

I matched this orange bronze necklace to add the "island" feel to the outfit. It gave me a more ragged look, perfect for a simple and casual outfit.

After traveling California a few years ago, I could not leave LA back then and even dreamt of studying there. LA is just lllooooooovvvvveeeeeeee. The city, the buzz, and the laidback locals against the modern environment made it hard for me to say good bye to Los Angeles. How about you, have you dreamt of being a California Girl too? xoxo.

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