Sunday, June 03, 2012

Royal Blue at Hamilo Coast

Pico de Loro means "beak of the parrot", while Hamilo of Hamilo Coast means "many to see." True enough there were many sites to see inside the first cove of SM Residences' Hamilo Coast. The first cove is named as Pico de Loro because of the presence of many parrots around the area. The condos are each named after a bird specie, where a lagoon surrounds the area and gives a beautiful scenery of the country club and the beach club.

Pico de Loro is known for these asian modern structures. 

This is the view of the beach club, perfect sun, sand and sea. Well not really, because it was raining hard that day. Start of June = Start of rainy season.

A shuttle was kind enough to drive guests back and forth the country club, beach club, condos, and the hotel.

The lounge area of the country club.

Wore this outfit, thinking that it was supposed to be a sunny day riding the ferry to pico de loro. My outfit was themed blue and white, sailor inspired. Instead, my ferry has sailed away because the rain and storm have come. Haha!

The view of the country club.

We ate a buffet lunch at Lagoa restaurant. Lagoa means "lagoon", because the restaurant is facing the lagoon.

It was a Filipino-Spanish buffet, with some delicacies like roast pork, beef, garlic pasta, fish fillet, and potato chicken.

Some of the yummy desserts from the buffet selection.

Halo-halo for the lunch buffet finale.

Playing with my cam because we can't go out during the rain.

A supposedly outing-friendly summer outfit, made just for cruising and sailing into the seas. But instead, I still wore it on a rainy day out. 

This is how I planned my last minute outing before summer ends:

Blue and white? Check!

Accessories? Check!

Flats? Check!

Resort? Check!

ZARA white t shirt. River Island shorts. Ever New necklace. ZARA flats.
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Have you made any last minute outing plans before summer ends? xoxo.

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