Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Plain Jane

Decided to go all out and all femme in the flesh yesterday with a white lace number. It's so dainty, young and fresh. This outfit gives me the feeling of "grace under pressure" because it's so simple, literally just a plain white dress, some brown accessories and shoes, and I'm good to go. When in doubt, I go for a simple dress in a solid color, and just add accessories that match. Then, tada, I'm ready.

I love this dress because it's naughty and nice with a cut-out back.

I matched this brown belt and 2 brown rings, which gave accents to my look. One is victorian style (left), and the other one is vintage looking (right), giving the feeling of Old Noir to the outfit.

And this is how I looked yesterday. A Plain Jane.   =)

Ever New lace dress. Vero Moda belt. Forever21 rings. ZARA wedges.

By the way, it was also the first anniversary of me and my baby. To celebrate this special occasion, we had dinner at a very good Italian restaurant in Makati, named Masseto. Because I like Italian cuisine, and he surprised me with this resto.

The interiors of Masseto were inspired by Euro-Continental architecture with dim lighting, velvet seats, leather couches, and tall wine glasses.

We especially love their wine glasses, the dark colors of the interior, and the romantic relaxed mood of the restaurant.

First up is Pecorino Ravioli, Mushrooms, and Truffle Sauce as appetizer. If you think this dish is not that appealing because of this photo, then think twice. We both can't get enough of this.

Masseto Pizza

Tagliolini pasta (home-made pasta) in crab concoctions. I especially love this dish! Tagliolili pasta is their in-house pasta, which is thinner than Fetuccini.

Tagliolini pasta in a Singaporean-Asian noodle taste.  

And this is us, about to blow our anniversary cake from The Cake Club of Diamond Hotel. 

Mont Blanc, made in fresh chestnut paste, Chantilly cream, prunes soaked in dark rum on almond tart. Sounds delicious? Yes it is!

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